Game of Thrones filming location Pile Gate

Several scenes have been filmed at Pile Bay. This is where the Lannisters bid farewell to Myrcella and that is also where Sansa Stark and Shae watch the ships before Lord Baelish discusses escape plans with Sansa at the end of the jetty. One of the most disturbing scenes from season two also occurred at Pile Bay, the killing of Robert Baratheon’s bastards. Pile Gate, the main entrance to the old city, is where the Lannister procession, while returning after Myrcella send off is attacked by an angry mob.

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Pile Gate

Pile is a meeting point for both visitors and locals, and it represents the main entrance to Dubrovnik's Old Town. From Pile you can also enjoy the views over a nearby small fishing harbour which is located between Bokar and Lovrijenac fortress (facing the sea, Fort Bokar is on the left and Fort Lovrijenac is on the right). All Pile corners have been used as settings during second and third season of Game of Thrones.

The Pile Gates are a well-fortified complex with multiple doors, defended by Fort Bokar and the moat that ran around the outside section of the city walls. At the entrance gate to the Old Town, on the western side of the walls, there is a stone bridge with two arches, which were designed by the esteemed architect Paskoje Miličević in 1471.

That bridge connects to another bridge, a wooden drawbridge which can be pulled up. During the Dubrovnik Republic the wooden drawbridge was closed each night with ceremony of giving the city's keys to the Ragusan rector. Nowdays the gates of Dubrovnik are always open to countless visitors.

Above the bridges, over the arch of town's principal gateway, there is a statue of city patron Saint Blaise, with a model of the city in left hand. After passing the Pile Gate's inner gateway, it is possible to reach one of a three access points to the city walls.

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